Frequently Asked Questions

This section was designed to answer some of the questions most often asked about DefenseRoot Cyber Security Consulting Company Services.

The best offering would be crafted after complete understanding on the orgnization's pain areas in terms of achieving business goals.

The different types of technical assessments would be - Whitebox testing, Greybox testing & Blackbox testing.

In the process of scope defining, our team would first understand your requirements & overall budget & then identify the services best fit which meets the expectations.

We would initiate the assessment after receiving a confirmed purchase order (PO) in 2 weeks time.

This would be well described during the phase of defining the scope. Our team will always be available to assist you to get the requirements in place.

"Time (Efforts) taken to perform the assessment would depend on the scope of work provided. For e.g.: 5 applications - 3 weeks depending upon the size of the application (Approx.)"

A full fledged strategic consulting project takes approximate period of 3 months to 6 months.

We take into consideration the impact to the organization while deciding the severity level of the vulnerability instead of blindly giving it a high severity. Our technical report would be coined in very simple language for easy understanding. We will assist you even after the assessments are completed so that you can successfully mitigate the bugs.

Revalidation is necessary to validate whether all the findings that were discovered earlier have been fixed by the organization. This is a second round of testing where we would verify only closure of reported issues. Any open issues found during revalidation will not be tested again and will be reported as open. This helps you to give the total threat profile of the environment previously tested.

Our team would demonstrate a presentation which will contain a high-level overview of the assessment, consequences and countermeasures to mitigate business risk.