• Did you know that it takes an average duration of 7 months
    to identify that they have been compromised ?

    Did you know that 74% organizations are dependent
    on Helpdesk support engineer to do a forensic investigation after an incident ?

    Did you know that 87% organizations don't have an updated asset
    inventory due to which theft of asset components are left unnoticed ?
  • Did you know that 71% enterprises expect the system administrator
    to perform the roles of a security administrator ?

    Did you know that 48% organizations follow adhoc change management process
    and patch management processes ?

    Did you know that only 9% organizations have a pre-defined
    Security Strategy in place to implement security across the organization ?

Managed Security Services

Threats are growing more hostile. Budgets are tight. Skills are at a premium. And business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications and big data can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they are not properly managed. Managed security services (MSS) is a dedicated approach towards managing an organization's security needs by simply outsourcing the responsibility to us. While you focus on your business and invest your valuable time towards generating more revenue, we invest our time towards securing your organization using our specialized expertise. In an annual Managed Security Services project, our consultants would take care of the changing nature of the security landscape and your business requirements.

Our consultants would perform :
1. Web and Mobile application Security assessments
2. Server Hardening (Windows & Linux)
3. Network Penetration Testing and Architecture reviews
4. Configuration review (Firewalls, routers & switches)
5. IT Audits and Security Awareness Training
6. WLAN assessments
7. Assistance for evaluating Security Product
8. Process Improvement
9. ...and many more

This is the most recommended and #willfitinbudget type of service to secure your organization from internal as well as external hackers.

Our web application security services provide a complete view of the risks affecting the business due to the application vulnerabilities. Application security assessment is conducted with the help of automated scanners followed by in-depth manual security testing. This testing is performed to simulate a malicious external user attacking the application.

Our mobile application security testing service provides in-depth security testing of mobile applications to comply with the high security standards. We test the application for technical, logical vulnerabilities and industry best practices to provide a detailed report with proof of concepts. Our testing approach consists of manual testing using a dedicated security resource that is trained to think ‘out of the box’ and identify all security issues.

Our pentesters take on the role of an external attacker, and attempt to exploit vulnerable systems to obtain confidential information compromise the network perimeter. Penetration testing simulates covert and hostile network attack activities in order to identify specific exploitable vulnerabilities and to expose potential entryways to vital or sensitive data that, if discovered and misused by a malicious individual, could pose increased risk and liability to the organization, its executives and shareholders.

In secure code review, we verifies compliance with industry security standards and against our own secure coding guidelines. The security-relevant application sections are manually reviewed for correctness. A manual review results in an exhaustive view of vulnerabilities related to business logic, authorisation and access management, as well as the application session and state control.

Our team is uniquely positioned to perform configuration reviews of critical infrastructure devices on your network. Our engineers have years of experience deploying and maintaining critical infrastructure within large enterprise environments. Knowing the device's role allows us to make recommendations to ensure that the device is the right fit for your environment, configured with the right options and will ultimately meet your current and future needs.