• Did you know that 75% of organizations do not
    have their own Cyber-Security policy documented ?

    Did you know that 95% of policies are
    either not reviewed timely or not approved ?

    2 in every 3 organizations do not know
    if third - party data access contracts / policies are in place ?
  • Only 20% of IT security professionals are confident
    their organizations have made adequate investments towards user awareness ?

    More than 60% of organizations don't have
    an updated asset inventory ?

    Did you know only 15% of organizations perform
    a root cause analysis after the occurrence of an incident ?

Security Policies & Procedures

"Framing a security policy requires a thorough work to ensure the complete information security for your organization. Our professionals not only provide the accountability and other policy elements are also required by specific regulations and standards. While devising the IT policies & procedures, it is essentials to mention that all the departments must go together to make sure that it fulfills all the IT needs of each department in the organization. While structuring the IT security policies, it is essential to mention that it should be enforceable, reasonable and auditable. We have the expertise to formulate the ‘corporate information security policies’ which are different from those which are formulated for a specific area or technology."

To establish effective governance and standard organizational culture across the enterprise, it is necessary that the organization have their policies defined, processes established and documented, and effectively communicated to all the employees. This would ensure maturity in personnel behaviour in terms with imbibing security in their day-to-day operational activities. We assist in documenting, implementing and continously updating the information security policies. We would develop policies, procedures, process flow diagrams, standards, guidelines, forms (for third-party access, change request, etc.)

  1. Access control policy
  2. Acceptable usage policy
  3. Application security policy
  4. Data retention and disposal policy
  5. Change mangemenet policy
  6. Cryptographic policy
  7. Physical security policy
  8. Risk assessment procedure
  9. Bring Your Own Device policy
  10. Data classification policy
  11. Asset management policy
  12. Incident management policy
  13. ... and many more based on your requirements"